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Červenec 2021

Gratulujeme jmenování výkonného výboru IODA
AJ Johnson.png

North American Regional Update

AJ Johnson
IODA Executive Committee
North American Regional Representative

Regional Chair Column

South American Regional Update

Claudia Arias
IODA Executive Committee
South American Regional Representative

IODA is a great initiative, allowing us to create a support network for all minorities, in a society where we are not always represented. IODA allows us to create network of support.
In Latin America where “machismo” is a daily bread, where it is exceedingly difficult to grow as an orthopedic female surgeon, we are creating different strategies to handle this prevailing attitude.  With associations formed in most of our countries, active participation in social networks is improving, achieving greater participation daily in webinars, as both speakers and/or moderators. We carry out monthly scientific activities and we believe that with scientific and academic development we can achieve all our goals of improving diversity. Our goal, through IODA, is to promote these associations so that they have a greater international voice, greater recognition and ultimately achieve that we are no longer minorities. 

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